Selected List of Works

freeDDialogue  - 21 pieces - electronic (2010)
Funes el memorioso for tenor saxsophone, type writer and live electronic (2009)
The Sleepwalkers - 14 pieces - electronic (2009)
CUT for trumpet, viononcello, saxsophone, percussion, live electronic and video (2008)
Four Etudes for midi piano (2005)
Both of Me for violoncello and marimba (2004)
Insideout for symphony orchestra (2004)
Dreaming Behind Bars for chamber ensemble (2003)
It was a Dream for piano (2003)
Kundalini for soprano saxophone (2002)
Over the Line for violin and piano (2002)
Yamim for trumpet, violoncello and percussion (2002)
Two Times a Wolf for string orchestra (2001)
In Our Image for guitar (2001)
And I Love Her for string orchestra (2000)
Shvarim for string orchestra (2000)
So to Speak  for chamber ensemble (2000)
LaSefira for violoncello (1999)
Devarim for 3-part mixed choir a cappella (A,T,B) (1998); Text: from the New Testament
Serugin for two violoncelli (1998)
KeHeref Ayin for flute, clarinet, piano, marimba and double bass (1998)
pere for piano (1998)
7 Songs for female voice & piano (1998); Text: Hezy Leskly (from “Hakheder ve HaOlam” cycle)
Turn and No Return for bass clarinet (1997)

6 Sinestudies, 6 etudes for sine tones (1996)